Where's the Firetrucker?!


WTF - Where's The Firetrucker?!

WTF helps you to discover a keg of gold at the end of the rainbow! Find out where to get your hands on that sweet nectar outside our tasting room and how to get free stuff!

Looking for Firetrucker beers at restaurants and bars? Search below. Not finding it at your favorite place? Ask them to contact us and get it in!


Enter a city or zip code to find your local source:

Wanna be part of the WTF goings on?

Look for Firetrucker giveaways and get involved with the hashtagging frenzy! You don’t need a WTF sticker or shirt, just posting pics can get you beers and swag! Check out what to look for:

Where's the Firetrucker?!

Find Firetrucker on tap and get free swag!

You could literally be sitting there drinking a Firetrucker brew, minding your own business, and BAMMM we show up and get you all taken care of! We will message out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and this website on how to get some free Firetrucker via WTF. Some days it will be as easy as posting up a picture of WTF on a bike to get a free beer. Its simple and you get to show off your style!


Facebook or hashtag us when we throw out a new challenge! Your chances of winning swag and brew is super good, cause we want everybody to try Firetrucker! The hashtags will change sometimes but you can always use #wtf and #firetrucker together to enter.

Wear those shirts!

Post up pictures of you in or with your WTF swag and get chosen randomly to pick up free beer at Firetrucker! Tag us on facebook or instagram and let us see how YOU do it!

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